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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beloved One,

The hippity-hop travel days are over and the upcoming world tour has 2 main
destinations for exploring living in community and diving into the depths of
Awakening: Mallorca, Spain and Nelson Bay, Australia. The world tour concludes
at the Living Miracles Monastery near Fruitland, Utah in March, 2011 where the
Messengers of Peace are based and where we have our ongoing community of the

Mysticism is Calling us. The Messengers remain a symbol for this deep
devotional life, and the way is clear. On my visit to Hawaii this past April
Jack Luckett predicted my prime traveling days would be ending, and I have to
say that I am feeling that way. I have felt for awhile that I would be living
and sharing and shining with a small group of people, and the experience on the
island of Mallorca for 6 weeks and on Nelson Bay for 8 weeks will be wonderful
entry points into this Mystical life of communal living. Our Miracles Monastery
is now prepared and fully-functioning, awaiting our arrival after the 2011 San
Francisco ACIM Conference.

I am so grateful for all the people who hosted me for the last 19 years, and for
those that are hosting me on this upcoming tour. I feel so very blessed and
humbled by the outpouring of Love and hospitality, and I will always remember
your Love and Welcoming.

We are making the shift to Living Miracles in America and Australia and Europe
as our Awakening Mind has Embraced the Living Presence of Love. All glory to
God, and peace be with you always.

Forever in Love,


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