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Sunday, January 31, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: "Dark City"

"Love does not make the world go around! It is spun around by fear and guilt. Instead of trying to find happiness in the world we must learn to turn within.
In the movie Dark City the inhabitants are all put to sleep to make them forget the 'Real World'. Time and memories are warped. The ego breaks everything up into minutes, seconds, days, weeks, years, decades, centuries etc, but this segmenting is simply part of the ego's misperception. We have ego concepts in this world called 'reincarnation' where it seems as if we incarnate and re-incarnate as a different person, with different life circumstances, different memories, and so forth.

Thoughts, David Hoffmeister, ACIM A Course In Miracles

When you have fear based beliefs, the world is just a reflection of your state of mind. Through your desire for God your perception will shift with Forgiveness. Enjoy this informative eight minute video from David Hoffmeister.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Your Transcendent Life, David Hoffmeister, A Course In Miracles

The mind has become a slave to the body. Release these limiting beliefs by giving yourself over to the miracle! Enjoy this uplifting six minute video from David.

A Course In Miracles Sexuality David Hoffmeister ACIM

Food, sex or indulgences are just part of the ego belief system in lack. As you are filled up by spirits purpose, the temptations begin to fade away. Enjoy this bold 6 minute video from David. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Speaking Out Part 2: True Empathy, David Hoffmeister, A Course in Miracles

True Empathy is staying with the Christ and what is real, regardless of the form or circumstance. Enjoy this 5 minute Video as David shares his experience of non-compromise.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: 5 Top Spiritual Movies from Our Favourite Metaphysical Stars! Featuring Scarlett Johansson

"Here is a sneak peak at 5 movies that appear on the Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment featuring Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett first came to our screens as a young girl in 'The Horse Whisperer' and progressed through a transcendence of time and space in the Quantum Movie 'Lucy'. Born in New York City in 1984 Scarlett’s full bio can be read here."

David Hoffmeister, I Will Accept Atonement for Myself, A Course in Miracles

Don't get caught up with the trinkets and false idols of the world. The only thing in the universe that has any value, is the awareness of one's own True Identity. Enjoy this direct 10 minute video from David Hoffmeister on the immediacy of Salvation.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Non Dual teachers - Everything Is Mind - David Hoffmeister ACIM

What we experience is an outside picture of an inward condition. When we change all our beliefs and attack thoughts the whole world we perceive will change. Enjoy this 9 minute video from David Hoffmeister

Monday, January 25, 2016

Out of the Blue Comes Frances Xu - No Beginning, No End

Season 1 Episode: Frances and David join once again to discuss the impossibility of ever having left Heaven. The world would have us believe everything but this simple awareness. Mortgages, investments, time pressures, relationships are just a few of the things that cover over Truth. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Out of the Blue Comes Frances Xu - Teach Only Love

Teaching is more through attitude than words—it's vibrational! In this episode David Hoffmeister joins Frances Xu as they go deep into the experience of their lives as mystics. A beautiful and intimate episode from Season 1.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: Guidance in Business with Holy Spirit and A Course in Miracles

"Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts which reflect the path of Awakening through listening and following. Being open in every moment to hearing what should be done, and then proceeding to do it, is a means of eliminating fear and increasing trust in the Holy Spirit. By allowing your mind to have miracles performed through it, you will become more and more aware that Now is the only time there is."

Friday, January 22, 2016

Out of the Blue Comes Frances Xu - Let's Stop and Wake Up

Enjoy this sparkling and uplifting episode with David Hoffmeister from Season 1. Here is a realization that doesn't take time. Simply pause and step outside of the ego construct and be free! Season 2 of "Out of the Blue Comes Frances Xu" premiers tonight at 5pm (MST) JOIN US:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: Child Abuse, Trust, and Self-Realization

"Thanks for writing and sharing what is on your mind. Opening to Integrity and Self-honesty is the willingness to feel the Love within and let it shine without limits of any kind. The ego wants to discourage you from looking within, for beneath the seeming blackness of false belief is the bright Light of Truth and unconditional Love through which the ego is undone. Abuse is the false belief that something can happen to one apart from one's asking. The Holy Spirit unveils the insane wish for conflict and separation and reveals its nothingness in God's Light. People pleasing is an ego mechanism which looks for love and recognition and respect from others instead of within. It is a way of distracting away from looking within and uncovering/releasing the darkness that is believed to be real."

ACIM Relationship videos How to Awaken with Children David Hoffmeister

Children are a witness to your own healing. They are beautiful reflections of mind and mirror back to us our belief systems. As you find inner joy and love, our children will be a witness to it. Enjoy this profound 7 minute video from David Hoffmeister.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: "Don Jon"

"Addiction seems to bring temporary pleasure, but as it is a denial of Self then it is a cover over of guilt/pain. Seeking pleasure as a way to ease the belief in lack is a distraction from remembering the Truth; the reality that we are inherently whole and complete. Fantasies have nothing at all to do with love or Truth."

Serenity Through a Course in Miracles - Verses Read (Leigh Taylor-Young)

Ease Your Mind

A Course In Miracles:Control, David Hoffmeister, ACIM

The concept of control is central to human existence. Through the process of giving and extending the thoughts of control are washed away. Enjoy this insightful 6 minute video from David Hoffmeister.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Course In Miracles Lessons I'm Never Upset For the Reason I Think Davi...

"I see all my relationships as undefined, guided, collaborations." The ego does not like undefined, it likes defined, it wants to do what is wants, forget collaboration it want's to win! But as you let the Spirit guide you, relationships become gentle, nurturing and easy as breathing. Enjoy this revealing 7 minute video with David Hoffmeister.

Mystical Mind Training

Sunday, January 17, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: What a Wonderful World! True Vision with the Holy Spirit

"It is a Joy to hear from you! Thank you for your willingness to read 'A Course in Miracles' and to ask questions.

The Holy Spirit is invisible, and yet you can and are beginning to experience the Presence of the Holy Spirit in your mind. The mind sees or perceives what it believes. This is how perception 'works,' so to speak. The ego made the temporal cosmos world of time-space, yet the Holy Spirit helps to straighten out the distorted perception, the darkened glass mentioned in Corinthians in the Bible, and offers a way to see the world anew from an entirely different perspective. This opens the way for the Vision of Christ Which is pure abstract light and beyond perception entirely."

The Highest State of Mind - I Don't Know, David Hoffmeister, ACIM A Cour...

Zen beginners mind is being in a state of 'I don't know.' Everything that we need will be given as we allow the mind to rest in having no opinions about the world. Enjoy this gentle 4 minute video from David Hoffmeister.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: "Interstellar"

"The movie 'Interstellar' is a powerful quantum physics movie about answering the call to awaken. It takes you on a mind-bender through time and space, to see that ultimately it is all mind, that we’ve only ever been communicating with ourselves, and that Spirit will use everything that we seem to believe in to reach us."

Get to know the MWGE site in 4 minutes

Non Dualism and Time, David Hoffmeister, ACIM A Course In Miracles

Thoughts about the past and future are just tricks of the ego to keep you distracted from the Truth. To let go of them, is to open up to the experience of true love. Enjoy this beautiful 8 minute video from David Hoffmeister.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A Course In Miracles: Possession and Ownership, David Hoffmeister, ACIM

Ownership? Let go of possession of 'your' thoughts and memories! Enjoy this 5 minute video from David Hoffmeister.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: How Can I Help? The Truth about Giving, Reciprocity and Expectation

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I appreciate your desire to be truly helpful and giving. In true giving, as God gives, there is never a feeling of being taken advantage of, or manipulated. Your deepest desire is to extend God's Love and be truly helpful. The ego's "plan" for helpfulness would have a body "get something" from another body. It does not matter whether this "getting" seems emotional, psychological, or physical. Reciprocity is the ego's basic rule of "existence." The world of separation was based on the lie of scarcity, needs, and exchange. This world of the past, seen as if it were still "present," is the misperception of time that the Holy Spirit Corrects." 

ACIM Out of Body Experience David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles

The world is an outward picture reflecting your state of mind. By trusting Spirit in the present moment we allow our mind to be freed of fear. Enjoy this 8 minute eye opening video from David Hoffmeister.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: "Frequency"

"Only Love is real! A Miracle occurs when John Sullivan is united with his deceased father, Frank, through the medium of the father’s old ham radio! It becomes clear they are receiving a rare gift of connection, and as the two continue to join over the radio, events on the seeming timeline begin to change rapidly. They work together across time to solve a serial murder case that impacts their lives in a personal way.

This movie culminates in a happy dream scene where the willingness to communicate has healed the ego’s faulty perception of loss and pain, and Love is ever present as a shared experience."

A Course In Miracles: Facing Discomfort, David Hoffmeister, ACIM

Don't distract away from the discomforting thoughts and they will disappear in the light. Let's have some fun letting up the darkness! Enjoy this uplifting 9 minute video from David Hoffmeister.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spiritual Self-Concept, David Hoffmeister, ACIM Inspired by A Course In ...

The spiritual concept is just another trick of the ego to maintain the personal self. When we are willing to unlearn everything, Spirit will direct us and guide us home. Enjoy this 15 minute video of searing clarity!

Monday, January 11, 2016

I Want It Now! - David Hoffmeister, ACIM, Utah, 2013

The sincere prayer of the heart is given immediately—when we truly want it. Let the compromises be gently let go, don't try and 'mantra' over them!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: It Is Impossible to Understand the World

 "In Purpose there are no wages, no possessions, no ownership, and nothing to protect or defend. In Purpose there is a feeling of timelessness. In Purpose there are no goals in form and no expectations or agendas. In Purpose nothing is clung to, organized, or planned. All things are welcomed in the gentle Gaze of forgiveness. Everything is included in mind and nothing is seen as separate or apart. All things work together for good for there is no attempt to judge or divide what is obviously whole and complete. Certainty of Purpose yields certainty. And contentment comes at last to a mind that is Still an instant. Nothing else could ever be."

Hope in seeming Disaster - David Hoffmeister - A Course in Miracles

Watching with a mystic—awareness of dreaming!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: Judgment, Addiction, Humility and False Empathy; Accepting Our True Identity in Christ

"Thank you for writing and for opening to the Holy Spirit. You have seen the call for love and have allowed the Holy Spirit to answer in Love. Now you are ready to see that the call for love is always one's own call to release all little concepts and tiny, mad beliefs, and accept the Atonement, or correction of the Holy Spirit."

Thursday, January 7, 2016

ACIM, The Outer World is a Reflection, David Hoffmeister

Beyond "the face of innocence," the surface self that has experienced the tragedies of an unfair world, lies a repressed memory of a far more horrific idea—the belief that we could have separated from our Creator. The belief that we could actually fall from Grace! This is so appalling that we made up a world of struggles to distract ourselves, but it is safe to look!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: Protection of the Body Or Salvation of the World?

"Dear Beloved One,

Thank you for writing and for your desire for healing which is a deep call to question and release all false ego 'laws' and 'beliefs' such as the 'laws' of economics, health insurance, exercise, nutrition, etc. God creates Spirit and therefore does not protect the body, for what God creates is invulnerable. In this world, when the mind becomes aligned with the Holy Spirit, the body needs no concern or special care. Yet this 'protection of mind' requires careful mind watching. Attentiveness, mind-watching, and surrender, are all important as the only truly helpful 'health insurance'"

Guidance - The Doorway with David Hoffmeister ACIM

Feel the invitation to explore The Doorway:
Enjoy this intimate description of Guidance by mystic David Hoffmeister.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: Meet the Fockers

"Welcome to 'Meet the Fockers', the ultimate people-pleasing movie! Like any big family reunion, it is a goldmine of comedy and dysfunction.

"Ben Stiller's character is intensely people-pleasing. He is trying to please the parents and placate the family until finally he can't do it; it is killing him. We have all experienced this. We are in the middle of some scene in our lives and we are thinking, 'how did I get here? What in the world would have ever prompted me to do this?' The hilarious clashes between the families in this movie are merely the acting out of the crazy, unconscious beliefs in the mind. To the extent that we become identified with the characters, it is hell."

ACIM Relationship videos What is the Purpose of the Body and Special Rel...

Phones may be for calling your brother—but what do you want to reach him for? In this beautiful and intimate parable David Hoffmeister unravels the purpose behind everything!

Monday, January 4, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: How to Pray for Other People

"Your focus is in the right direction in the sense that the experience of forgiveness dissolves the belief in another entirely. The form of prayer that might be called 'praying for another' is a form of charity. Charity is seeing a brother or sister as much farther along than they appear to be in time, and so charity is a time-related reflection of Love. The Oneness of Love is a Universal State of Being that is Eternal, therefore Oneness transcends time entirely."

What of Worldly Joy, David Hoffmeister, ACIM, England, 2013

Your true joy comes from within and cannot come from temporal images on the screen. Enjoy this 4 minute video from mystic David Hoffmeister.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: Adjustment Bureau

"This is a classic movie for showing how the ego's strategy is to simply shift all the hypotheticals
around. The ego's plan for salvation is, 'If something would change in form I would be happy,' and the Holy Spirit's plan is, 'No, if you shift your mind, if you choose the miracle, you will be happy.' But the ego's deep, devious, clever plan is to keep you playing an endless game of trying to get the form to work out, which keeps the guilt going."

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: A New Year Free from the Past in the Joy of Now

"Greetings everyone,

I love you all! All of you are very dear to me and nothing can ever change that. I am feeling at peace and in a state of contentment. I have let go of all ideas that the past could have been different, and have placed the future in God's Hands. There is nothing to be changed in acceptance, and now I let all things be exactly as they are. I accept the many gifts God has given me to share. I have been experiencing many miracles and it feels like I am living in one giant miracle."

Saturday, January 2, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: Recognize Spirit and Transmute Suffering through Discernment and Prayer

 "Hello Beloved One,

Prayer is desire, and desire is continuous or constant. You might call prayer the power of the mind, and you might call streams of thought the currents of energy that flow from the use of the mind's power. Love and fear are currents that represent two thought systems that have no meeting point. Communication from the Spirit is always loving, while the ego’s attempts at 'communication' always involve some form of fear."

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: "Frozen"

"When we see that we can manifest what we want in the world, we feel a glimmering of the freedom that our power of mind offers. But we also fear that power, because we fear that we could hurt others with it. We wear masks in the world, play small, and forget our magnitude, all for fear of doing damage"

You Have Complete Control Over Your State Of Mind, Inspired by A Course ...

This world is just a projection of your thoughts, a mirror of your beliefs. Real joy comes when you are able to take 100% responsibility for your state of mind. This 5 minute video invites us to question everything we believe!

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

"There is really just one ego and one projection. Everything that involves duality is part of the projection of the split mind. Fragmentation was made to hide the face of God. The first lesson of ACIM already speaks to this: “Nothing I see means anything.” (W-1) The ego has invented this whole system to perpetuate guilt. The world looks solid but it is just a projection. God does not know anything of this world. All pain is in the mind and it is only in the mind that it can be resolved."