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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Undoing Linear Time

- ACIM  David Hoffmeister

To show the concept of linear time David uses a spaghetti string, a noodle. He says that we are like a fish out of water. Or "a spirit out of spirit -- on a noodle"! A spirit who has forgotten spirit and is on a noodle now, that's pretty difficult. So if you have had struggles and difficulties in your life, it's not even surprising, because of the mind's belief in time.

In A Course In Miracles (ACIM) Jesus says that the world was made as an attack upon God. Why would God send you to a world that was made as an attack upon God? That would be mean! Some people may say "I didn't ask to be here". The answer to that is that everyone who believe they are in time asked to be here.

Filmed in Sweden 2010

Monday, November 26, 2012

Living the Truth!: An Enlightened Encounter

Living the Truth!: An Enlightened Encounter: I feel so lucky to have met three enlightened beings in my life. One of them was last night. I wanted to write about that encounter while it...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gratitude, Questions, and Expressions

Dear David,

I just want to thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for the "role" you have played in my
Awakening. I realize that this could be a very "dangerous" thing to say but at
this Moment, I feel that I am Done. My "interest" in "Awakening" and
"Enlightenment" has disappeared and I rest in quiet Peace for What Is Now.

I've been invited by my "biological family" to go camping and with Great Joy I
leave tomorrow for Holy Encounter after Holy Encounter!... An Opportunity to
truly See each "shadow figure from the past" in a completely New Light! I will
likely stay at the Lake for the entire month of June, just basking in the Moment
and letting the Spirit shine through me around the campfire with music, etc..

I look forward to seeing you in late July for the Music Festival. It feels
really Excellent now to let my "parents" drive me out, drop me off at the
Festival while they do some sight-seeing around Utah's state parks (and perhaps
drop in to the Festival for a bit of music as Guided), and then drive me back to
Petaluma afterward.

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much, once again, for the Light You have Shown Me. I Love
You so Dearly and Everlastingly!


Hi Erik,

I love you too! Sounds like a glorious Summer the Holy Spirit is orchestrating,
and I rejoice with you!!!

Love you forever and ever,



Hi David,
I have just watched the 'Revolver' with Rochelle, via skype. She was there
supporting as I watched it and giving me HS interpretation from what she had
heard from Jason's clips and guidance coming through her. It was so helpful. But
now I am feeling this very strong pull, which I have spoken to Jason about. That
is, the idea of going into a male prison and doing some volunteer work. How
funny, that I have moved to a town that has a Male medium security prison 7 mins
from my home and a female correction centre about 15 mins away!!! I have seen
myself in prison.....hehe as a visitor......or is it the prison of my own

I heard the prisoner's asking me(in my mind) why I was there? I really had to
look at this. Do I want to 'save' others? No, I see that it is all about me and
wanting to forgive everything. But I also think, I don't really have to go to a
prison to do this, I can just go to the prison in my mind. But this doesn't feel
quite right. The prompt is to go to a Male prison. So my answer to the question
ends up being " I truly want to be of Service" that is what I feel in my heart.
When I am of service I am in the realm of the Creator, literally, I feel myself
enter the Mind of the Creator and it is so sweet there it is the same feeling I
get when I meditate or sit with a Holy companion. So in a way there is no hiding
from this....I think I need to give it a go. The problem is that I am not sure
how to label myself to get in. Do I say I want to do meditation classes but I
have no formal experience with this? Do I say that I will provide Reiki as I
have vast experience? This scares me as it is very intimate and one on one. Do I
offer it without touching the body, keeping hands above person a few inches?
Many therapists do this. Or what truly makes my heart sing is to hold a small
group to do "The Artist's Way". Facilitating this makes me sing. Again, I have
held and facilitated these groups many times over last two years but no formal

I suppose I just need to make the call.

If you have any insights or thoughts coming through, I would love to hear from

Love Always
Sonia xx


Hi Sonia,

If what truly makes your heart sing is to hold a small group to do "The Artist's
Way," then I would go ahead and contact the male prison and ask them first if
you could make this offering. If they agree it can open up to other things like
meditation sessions later on. Go for it!

Love you,



My dear Brother,

Firstly i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you
are giving to the world.Your words have touched me in my heart so much and i am
deeply grateful for you and your generous giving to us all. I only found ACIM a
short time ago, but it has changed my life beyond words.

I have been on the spiritual pathway for about 7 years now and have worked on
spiritual websites as a mentor and guide to many people, but then i realised
once i found the course, that i was neither qualified in experience or knowledge
to be such a guide.I came away from the jobs and pretty much became a recluse,
in order to do the inner work i so badly needed to do. I gave away all of my
worldly posessions apart from a few clothes, signed my apartment over to my son
and took the very frightening step of stopping my state benefits claim ( i've
been unemployed for some time) in order to be free of my own ideas about how to
survive and to place my trust in our father to provide for me. This was the
scariest step, as i had become very dependant upon these benefits to survive but
i wanted to trust my father to be my provider now.

I am now in a position where i have nothing Brother and although i have asked
for guidance i have not yet received an answer that i can perceive. I am living
on toast every day and my son is kindly allowing me to stay in his apartment
with him, but this is causing a real strain on him as he doesn't believe in God
let alone what i am trying to do and is struggling to help me as he is not
financially sound either and he needs money for rent from me. I have said to the
holy spirit, that if i need to get a job, i will, or if i need to wait for a law
suit i have pending which will eventually provide me with some money, then i can
do that too.I just need to know which way to go. Do i claim benefits, or do i
simply wait (which will put more strain on my son, which isn't fair to him).

I simply don't know what to do Brother, so if there is any advice you can give
me, it would really help.I have pledged to be part of the atonement for the rest
of my life and will gladly do this in honour of the love my father has for me. I
Am working through the course and have already come so very far in such a short
amount of time. I know that i can realise this but have kinda hit this stuck
point and can't seem to find my way through it.I just need some advice as to how
to change my perspective on this. Can you please help me? What am i missing

With great love and deep respect,

Your brother.


Beloved One,

I feel that you can see receiving benefits and a Helpful symbol of Divine
Providence, and there is no need to interpret this symbol as coming from the ego
and feeling dependent on the "system." I am glad that the Spirit's Gift of Love
has touched your heart, and I know that whatever you truly need in serving the
Father will come into your awareness.

Showers of Blessings!

Love you,



Blessed David, I am a follower and disciple of yours since I recognize the
Christ in you and your teachings in books which inspires me to keep going on the
path to awakening even though I am slow and distracted in doing the Course in
Miracles lessons etc. I am teaching what I wish to learn with a CIM group every
month however you can see from the following paragraph that I am at the bottom
rung of the awakening ladder.

My question relates to a relationship I was in for over 5 years and which I have
just ended because although 90% of me wanted the relationship the remaining 10%
would not cooperate meaning I could not be fully present in the relationship
which in the end took its toll. My girlfriend wrote to me and said she hoped
that I could find what I was looking for (if not her) and I know full well that
there is nothing to find outside of myself. I know that no other woman, partner
or situation will make me happy because happiness is inside when the ego mind is
still and when I can be guided by the spirit or in a holy relationship which
could be with anybody. The thing is that I don't understand why the holy spirit
couldn't have helped me with the relationship I had because clearly some part of
me must have perceived lack or preference somewhere to have left the
relationship. My ex girlfriend had everything I needed ie all the teaching I
required to make it into a holy relationship and now I am in the senseless
situation of maybe casting my net around hoping to find some kind of person who
I might be able to relate to in a better way (?). I also hope that my ex
girlfriend who was innocent as a lamb, was not in your answer on some level
contracting with me to be `crucified' by my rejection and that I had contracted
in some way to be Judas, betraying her trust in pursuit of some perceived gain.
I am devastated to be playing this role out. I like not myself for this behavior
which is altogether conditional and partial. I made a choice with consequences
that I don't understand, please help,

Love and peace



Hi Martin,

Thanks for sharing your life's Purpose with me and opening up to share your
thoughts. I feel that the 90% wanting the relationship, plus the willingness to
see the relationship for true giving, plus the willingness to expose and release
any expectations and demands placed on the relationship are the spark for
rekindling the relationship. Think in terms of what you are willing to give in
a relationship, and this helps the Holy Spirit use and inspire what is given for
His use. You have so much to offer and bring to any relationship truly given
over to the Holy Spirit.

Love you,




First, I wanted to say Thank you so much for all your videos and emails postings
thingy they all have been so incredibly helpful.
I have devoted every moment I can for the past whatever time it has been and I
have felt dizzy since starting to read the text.

I started out with just the workbook and waited a while until I thought I was
ready for the text. I basically dove in and have just not stopped spinning.

When I first started with the workbook, I started seeing people glowing
sometimes just like when they moved I could see their outline still there. It
happened with objects too.
I thought maybe it was a problem with my eyes ..displacing light or something

Now it is all the time. It's like I can see the atoms moving. I don't really
know how to explain it at all. It's kind of like the T.V. when its on static.
Everything is static-y.
Everything has become more static since really doing an overhaul of my beliefs
and going through all the rage + fear. It's even on people now. It's like I can
see their atoms buzzing around.
It's sort of blue-ish. And I can see it more at night.

Also, when I close my eyes and meditate I see this brilliant blue light. At
first it was a circle that wasn't wholly shining. Just like little dots
everywhere. But Now the blue like starts out like a sort-of flattened Saturn.
Then it swirls around and gets brighter then I get scared and it gets less then
it goes around like a siren.

I don't know. It scares me maybe because I think I'm losing control. It doesn't
really bring on a feeling of Deep Peace or anything. It just really grabs my
attention. And sometimes I think, Ok thats enough.
And sometimes it flashes like lightening in my head. like a flash of blue across
or sometimes it flickers. And now even when I open my eyes I see it for awhile.

Please, tell me this is normal lol. I just feel like if it were something holy
it would be sooo peaceful. But instead I just feel scared. Maybe, if I were
honest I feel like it might take me away.
Like all those alien movies.. the blue beam of light then zooom in a space ship

I would really love your insight. I feel like we are already great friends =)
I really hope to meet you someday.



Hi Leah,

I am happy you wrote to me. The things you describe feel like symbols of your
shift in perception and coming into true perception. The most important thing
is to suspend judgment, as best you can, as the past perception gives way to
Vision. I am with you all the way, and I hope to meet you someday.:x lovestruck

Love you,



I've met you once before, in California, I'm a young man named Max. It's good to
be writing you.

Lately, I've been quite well. The holy spirit is guiding me every day, and seems
to be here with me always, and I use the holy spirit when ever I have a
question. There has however, been a reoccurring question that comes back over
and over, and seems to be a core thought pattern or defense mechanism of some
kind and it troubles me dearly. When ever I ask the holy spirit how to answer
this question, it seems to have no preference and so I keep asking over and
over. The question is about my sexual identity, whether I am gay or straight or
bi or a-sexual. I feel attracted to both and women in different ways. And
currently I am in a relationship with a woman who I care about and love, someone
who I would like to expand into awareness with.

What seems to happen however, is the more "straight" I feel, the more "gay" the
thoughts say I am, and vice versa. I notice that I defend and protect fears,
deep fears about being perceived as "gay". And I see fears in knowing myself
without any problems, and without anything to worry about, as if I've always
believed that I could never actually love a woman as who I am. I don't
understand why I may not be able to fall in love with a woman now. I hope this
portrays my dreadful dilemma.

Ahh David, I've thought about this so much, for so many hours of so many days of
so many months and my mind is tired. I just want to be happy, and at peace, and
bring peace. I love this girl, but whenever I try to love her I feel like a
phony, and then sometimes the love moves through me and I feel amazing and so
does she. I don't want to defend anything that isn't real. Jesus says to love
everyone the same, like God does, and this I understand and it usually brings
peace to my mind, but I still feel lost and not sure about how to do this.

Is there any such thing as gay and straight, or is everyone equally all gay and
all straight? How am I to know what sexual path offers the better form of
healing for me? Is there even such thing as a better form of healing?

Thank you for your time David,


Hi Max,

It is OK to explore your beliefs and become more aware of your sexual
preferences. If you offer your mind to the Holy Spirit to use these will be
loosened over time, so give yourself some allowance to open your heart and let
your life unfold without unnecessary worry or guilt or concern.

Love you,



Hi David

I've been listening to you quite a bit these days and am enjoying your voice.

As I near the end of Practicing Holy Relationship - Part 6/7, on youtube

a re-occuring question comes up. Everyone is sharing how in the letting go and
surrendering to the Holy Spirit everything works out so much better and yet
there is the story of Jesus and many other great saints who ended up suffering a
great deal on the human plane - at least physically if not otherwise.

The sharings seem to imply that only wonderful things will happen (spontaneous
wedding where everything is taken care of as if by magic, etc) and yet it seems
tha surrender gives no guarantees of outcome, that the wonderful dream could be
interupted in a multitude of ways etc. I was wondering if you could comment on

thanks for your guidance



Hi Claude,

Thanks for your question. Jesus only appeared to suffer at the end of his life
through the ego's interpretation. Actually when the mind is healed or
resurrected, all pain is impossible.

Love you,




I lost the email from Suzanne about the retreat. I want to come, just have a lot
going on with my house, job, other. I Think Spirit is pushing me to make
change. I will continue to meditate, listen and pray if it is meant to be.
Please send email again.



Hi Rhoda,

I am enclosing the link to the upcoming week long retreat at the end of June:

Hope to see you there! There is another week long retreat that begins on July
27th as well.:x lovestruck

Love you,



Dearest David,

Indeed the way is opening-opening-OPENING !!! I am in the process of moving
into a trailer on a friends farm with Mia. I'm using the cleaning of the
trailer as a backdrop symbol of washing away the false veil of causeless
thoughts and withdrawing identification with them. I'm thrilled and I can feel
in my heart that this is what the Holy Spirit has planned for us ! I'm so
excited to watch the backdrop change with such a contrast. I love this
reflection of what's happening in the Mind! So glorious. No internet or big
screen tv and going from a big two story house with two dogs and a cat to a
trailer and no animals or cable. It will be a wonderful opportunity to allow
the healing to happen !!! No more shame and difficulty of living with my
mother! The pressure I was feeling to find a job is gone because the rent is
very low. Prayers have been answered and Miracles abound! Although I'm working
through beliefs around self image concepts, such as feeling self conscious to be
living in a trailer and insecure about what others think of me. I feel sooooo
excited and happy already ! Yay !:x lovestruck

I love you !

Love, love, love


Precious Jessica,

I am so happy that the miracle has given you new hope, and that you can feel the

Love you always,



Thank you David for our call and your Presence...
It all feels good... the pain has disappeared and the sickness too, as if ...
and i feel quite peaceful and ready for the gathering tomorrow and happy to
extend the Gifts of the Kingdom and the healing of specialness! I even had a
counseling call now in the States, and I feel my mind so at rest!
I also shared a bit with my mother of where I am at and what I feel called to...
if feels good to be authentic. And as I pray I keep feeling I don't feel called
to sign any paper, I'd prefer someone else would be the god mother, and I can be
the heart one;-) more symbolic of a Presence...
I so appreciate again sharing everything that came to my mind those 24 last
hours and remembering also that I am not the thinker of those thoughts, no the
doer of it all... and it will and does unfold the way it supposed to, for the
best for everyone!

The excitement and intensity of those mystical or profound experiences is gone
and give place to a quiet peace and joy...
Love you

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