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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Releasing 'personal preferences' to experience Self Love

Releasing 'personal preferences' to experience Self Love

Beloved One,

Blessings of Love. I just received this sweet message from my friend Lynne in
Mallorca, Spain. She sent me the message titled "My Musings," and I think you
will enjoy her insights about the experience of love that people feel. Lynne
began asking friends whether they feel 'love' for themselves, and said that this
has proved to be a helpful exercise.

Here is the message:

Hi David

I have been asking friends whether they feel 'love' for themselves and this has
proved a helpful exercise. I have written the following email to s few people
and now copy you in....

I have been asking friends whether they feel 'love' for themselves and this has
proved a helpful exercise. I have seen that the degree to which they answer yes,
its largely contingent on the degree they feel they get what they deserve, would
like, ask for. In the way of things, but also loving behaviour they crave from
others (even whether they have a partner or not).

Therefore it makes sense that the more personal preferences one is supporting,
the less love one is able to feel for ourselves and of course reflectively the
less love we feel for others or God. So the answer is in releasing personal
preferences by.......

Attending a 'retreat' hosted by David Hoffmeister and his helpers.....they will
see em and free em so fast as to shock you...tee.hee!

Refining the ability to see a personal preference in action, 'live' so to speak
and seeing how it is interfering with your inner peace.

Accepting one does not know ones own best interest and that you give it all the
meaning it has for you.

Accepting that in any case what occurs out there is not real, and if it does not
seem to be as one would choose and damn well feels real, we can take this as a
prompt to release the preference, not buy the feeling and see through the whole

The paradox is that as a direct result of not feeling one is deserving enough,
good enough, or not lovable enough, one's disposition to buy what we construe as
evidence of this, grows, which in turns upholds the feeling/belief. The trumped
up evidence has the ability to interfere with our feeling love! Disastrously it
actually causes us to overlook all those things that would assist us to feel
loving, loved and lovable.

Of course it seems difficult to really gauge how much one really feels self
love. A good indication is how much love one feels for others. But this too is
largely unquantifiable, but a great indicator is one's penchant to say "thank

If you dont feel there is much that occurs to say 'thankyou' for, or the word
sticks in your throat as far as thanking others (or God) then the release of
personal preferences could be the way forward. But even adopting the 'attitude
of gratitude' can help, even if it feels a bit false at first.

In my experience, as my ability to say 'thank you' and feel gratitude grew, the
more there was to genuinely be thankful grateful for.

So to all of you reading this I say...

I feel grateful for all of you in my life right now.




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Mallorca Devotional

16 October - 27 November 2010

Each participant chooses how long to stay
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Read more about this devotional:

The Team
Messengers of Peace: David, Helena, Jason W., Jenny and Lisa
Messengers full time Volunteer: Jason P.
Organizers: Christian, Lynne, Mary and Claire

Logistical Questions
Venue: "La Ruina", located on the South Eastern countryside of Mallorca
Venue website:
Detailed logistical answers are at organizers website:

1050 EURO per person and per 2-week slot
(everything included: food, lodging and shuttle run to and from air port at set

Website address to registration:

Further Questions?
For further information on the Mallorca Retreat, please contact the organizers:
Lynne Sears: or Claire Waling:

In Love & Gratitude,

David & the Messengers of Peace

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