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Friday, February 5, 2016

What About the World? News, Newspapers and Watching Spiritual Movies

Thanks for writing. What you are speaking about is very common for sincere A Course in Miracles students, and it is natural to seem to lose interest in news and newspapers as you progress with the goal of ACIM: forgiveness. The seeming emotional concerns and/or personal dramas with your daughters and those in your immediate proximity are offering you many opportunities to forgive. It is helpful to be reminded that the degree and direction of error does not matter, so misperception cannot be placed on a scale or a continuum. There is no degree or comparison to fear, for all fear is appropriately and Helpfully Interpreted as a call for Love. Be grateful and glad that you are allowing the unconscious fear into awareness for healing. You are definitely on the right track, and even though you may feel distant at times from your family and friends and partner, this is just fear coming to the surface for release.

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