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Sunday, March 27, 2016

David Hoffmeister's Movie Blog: Resurrection in Christ, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

"From the foretold prophecy of the Messiah and the Savior, to the walking demonstration of divine love, to the extreme example of defenselessness and unbroken communion with God (Crucifixion; Resurrection; Ascension) this account is well-titled. Jesus demonstrated the potential of everyone, and much more. Jesus is a symbol of an awakened mind that remembers, 'I and the Father are One'. He was called 'Master' by his apostles, and rightfully so. For Jesus demonstrated that Spirit has dominion over the world of images and realized, 'My Kingdom is not of this world.' He showed that it is not only possible to, 'Be ye perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect,' it is inevitable."

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