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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

David Hoffmeister's ACIM Blog: Child Abuse, Trust, and Self-Realization

"Thanks for writing and sharing what is on your mind. Opening to Integrity and Self-honesty is the willingness to feel the Love within and let it shine without limits of any kind. The ego wants to discourage you from looking within, for beneath the seeming blackness of false belief is the bright Light of Truth and unconditional Love through which the ego is undone. Abuse is the false belief that something can happen to one apart from one's asking. The Holy Spirit unveils the insane wish for conflict and separation and reveals its nothingness in God's Light. People pleasing is an ego mechanism which looks for love and recognition and respect from others instead of within. It is a way of distracting away from looking within and uncovering/releasing the darkness that is believed to be real."

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