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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome to Youtube

Hi everyone,

Blessings of Joy! I am preparing for my Europe tour which begins June 12th in Tipperary, Ireland.

Before I leave for Europe I have been preparing posting a heap of profound and
insightful videos online at: for the longer ones

and for the shorter ones

My friends Charles and Daupheni have been posting some of them on ACIM websites,
and Daupheni has learned how to do video editing and production and uploading.
Lisa has a very good feel for the new TV studio at the nearby Lighthouse and is
now able to record and edit and produce and upload new videos as well, and David
Wellings (who is visiting from Australia and participating in the 3 week
devotional here) is interested in learning the video edit/production/upload
process during his stay and before he returns to Australia.

These Self-realization videos are a miraculous marvel to behold, and from the
looks of things around here, there are many, many more great videos and DVDs to
come. I am grateful to witness such a depth of Content and Joy and Love
mirrored with such willingness for practical application and making no
exceptions and leaving no assumption unexposed. The videos on exposing
part/whole deception and ego hypothetical thinking bring to video some of the
topics explored on the Kissimmee mp3s and on the Teacher of Teachers website.
They are revealed in the context of much humor and laughter, as these friends in
Australia reflect a deepening feeling of trust and relaxation and spiritual
communion. All glory to God!

Stay tuned!

Forever in Joy with Showers of love,


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