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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

England Visit on July 18-19

Hi Charan, happy to be your friend.

Yes, I will share a workshop in July in London and hopefully will be meeting our friends Tomas & Nouk when all 3 of us arrive at LHR the month before on June 11th. I arrive very early in the morning at 5:55am and they arrive at 12:30pm, and we will try to meet if possible.

It is a wonderful Summer in England with Marianne Williamson, Gary Renard, Nouk and Tomas, and myseld all sharing workshops. My new friend Heather Pozzo is organizing the workshop for me and will have flyers at the other events.

Hope to meet you this Summer.



Yes I was in contact with Heather Pozzo. I have booked myself for the talk with Tomas and Nouk here in Birmingham. I would love to go to all the talks, but most of them are in London :( !

Hopefully you will make it to Birmingham as well :))

Thanks for the add, and the great message that you share.


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