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Monday, March 8, 2010

6 week devotional retreat in Mallorca, Spain

Beloved One,

Blessings of Joy. Last year's 4 week devotional retreat in Mallorca, Spain was
so inspiring and transformational, that we have decided to hold a 6 week
devotional retreat this Fall (mid-October through November) once again on the
island of Mallorca, Spain.

Christian Christensen is on the Mallorca 2010 team
along with Lynne Sears and Claire Waling and this year they are organizing the event in collaboration
with the Foundation for the Awakening Mind.

Christian sent me the following information:

"We are delighted to invite you to join us for the 2010 "A Course In Miracles"
event of the year. After the amazing 2009 event the Holy Spirit has provide us
with an other opportunity to go deeper and more intensely inward then ever
before. Over 30 people from all over the world participated in last year's
event, and words cannot describe the peace and joy that we all experienced over
the 4 weeks that the retreat lasted in 2009. The feedback from nearly all
participants was that 30 days was too short and therefore the 2010 event will
give you the opportunity to stay for up to 6 weeks in a nurturing and loving
environment. The event will be based on the teachings of David Hoffmeister and
"A Course in Miracles" and in the live environment the depth of the teachings
can be experienced to it's maximal potential.

We feel that this event will be booked full fairly quickly, so to give everybody
the same possibilities booking can only be done on one website link, which
Christian and his webmaster Shaun have set up, and very soon this link will be
posted by our webmaster on the Foundation for the Awakening Mind's Mallorca 2010
website at:

This initial launch of the event includes a Mallorca 2010 devotional retreat
announcement website on Awakening Mind website (linked to from the Coming Events
page on the main website), a mailing announcement to our Living Miracles mailing
list, a mailing announcement by Christian to those who have contacted him and
given him their email address, and a mailing announcement on this
Awakeninginchrist Yahoo global mailing list. All bookings will be first come,
first served until each of the 90 two week slots are booked. Particpants can
book for 1 or 2 or all 3 two week slots and thereby attend and participate in 2
weeks or 4 weeks or all 6 weeks of the devotional retreat. The payment can be
made via credit card or debit card through Paypal, and the payment is in euro
currency even though it will show up on your credit or debit card statement as
debited in the currency of the country and card that you use for payment. The
payment includes all food and lodging and airport pick-up and drop-off, and
teaching for the duration of your stay. A donation to the Foundation for the
Awakening Mind and the Messengers of Peace will come from the proceeds of the
retreat, as will our expenses for travel to and from the event.

Last year Jenny coordinated the Mallorca 2009 retreat, and she has offered her
input for this year's Mallorca retreat. She will continue to offer support and
input based on her experiences with the 2009 retreat and the Guidance she
receives for the 2010 event.

This year Messengers of Peace currently has a team of Jason Warwick, Lisa Fair,
Helena, Jenny, and Jason Press joining me for the retreat. Jason Warwick plans
to visit Mallorca and meet with Lynne and Claire on Sept.16th and for a couple
days thereafter, a month before the event begins. Christian will meet with
Lynne and Claire in the Spring to continue with the planning details for the
event. Helena will visit with Claire in Mallorca in mid-August.

On behalf of the Mallorca 2010 organizing team and the Messengers of Peace, I
invite you to join us for an event that will be a life changing opportunity to
experience an opening of the heart and a more consistently peaceful perception
of the world. This is another leap in the Great Awakening for everyone and
everything, and I am honored to be coming back to Europe for the experience.

In Love & Gratitude,


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