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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Answering the Call

Hi David,

I found your website online a couple of weeks ago and have been
fascinated. I have been a very serious student of the course for 2
1/2 years now and am at a bit of an impasse. I do not know any
other course students at all, because I quit my job and began
traveling extensively overseas and across the USA specifically to
concentrate on the Course. The results have been slow, but steady
and amazing.

About 6 weeks ago, I was told by the Holy Spirit to "walk the
earth". I knew that this would be/will be inevitable and mandatory,
just a Jesus did, because it is the only way to clean out all fear
and to enable complete concentration. I was just incredibly
surprised at how soon I was told to do this. I thought it would be
3 more years at least. Quite frankly, it frightened me a bit
because I do not feel ready. I asked "what will I do, where will I
go?" and was told "move in the body of Christ" which I take to mean
go from church to church, all denominations, initially. I should
also mention that I "found" a book on the Peace Pilgrim about 3
weeks before this happened. I had heard the name years before, but
had forgotten about her and never did know what she did.

All this prompted me to search more intensely on the web for ACIM
web sites desperately looking for anyone who had done this. That is
when I found your site and was amazed. I have listened to many of
the online meetings, and was impressed by what a fabulous speaker
you are, able to share without proselytizing. I need to learn how
to speak about the course, but have not yet had a chance to do so.
I also feel that I am still on the "learning circuit" rather than
the speaking circuit because I have not yet reached inner peace and
have much to learn.

So why am I writing? I really want to talk to other ACIM people who
understand the more advanced stuff that I hope to learn. Also, I
would like to know what your experiences were, what you did, and
what happened. I would really like to find another ACIM person who
also has been "called" as I have to walk the earth and walk
together. Do you know anyone like me that I could contact? I
believe Jesus sent his apostles out 2 by 2, but I'm not sure. I
feel that I would be much less fearful if I had another person with
me who had the same goals. I also felt that I was asked to carry
nothing but the Course book with me. Yikes! No sleeping bag, no

I went up into the mountains for a few days to fast and pray, and
was inspired to think about an organization of ACIM people who walk
the earth as pilgrims 2 by 2, being directly trained by the Holy
Spirit for at least a year at a time. Some people would want to
continue doing it and could bring out new people who, like me, would
love to learn like this but do not yet have the faith to do it alone
(yes, I know, we are never alone). It would be neat if Americans
began to become familiar with pilgrims walking the countryside.
What a demonstration in faith! I believe part of the Peace
Pilgrim's earthly mission was to show that this could be done, and
complete reliance on God is possible.

I am not sure what to do. I semi-decided to move down to Los
Angeles and get a job and join a course study group. I was also
planning on getting involved in 2 or 3 churches to greatly increase
my learning and communication skills with this material. I have
this driving desire to talk to pastors and ministers and find out
what they know about God, what they have learned and to say "teach
me". I am very interested in the Church of Christ Scientist which
supposedly has people who do bone fide faith healing. I want
exposure to this. I am ready to be a sponge. But as I start
looking for a job in the WORLD, I am not crazy about it. I am
already spending too much time paying attention to the resume,
what "profession" I should be in, etc. I am spending much less time
concentrating on the course. That's it. Worldly stuff makes me
break my concentration and I am becoming re-absorbed back into all
this stuff I k now is absolutely meaningless (i.e. "rules" of how to
dress for an interview, good grief!). The job search process is
also making me realize how deeply frightened this world is and how
it constantly is searching for guilt. For example, most employers
want background checks, credit checks, DMV checks. It is really
unbelievable. How I long work for God and be completely out of
the "money" system!

Hopefully this e-mail isn't overwhelming for you. I haven't had the
chance to talk to anyone who could understand what the Course does
to you. I literally feel like I'm standing with one foot in two
worlds, and I will have to choose soon. Thank you for taking the
time to read this! Drop me an e-mail with your thoughts when you
get a chance. Thank you very much, and what a marvelous website
you have! It has been so helpful to me!


Beloved One,

Thanks for pouring your heart out with such openess. You are being
Called, and everyone is Called. In this world the ego's voice and
goals can seem to crowd out the Holy Spirit's Voice, and though
everyone is Called few seem to listen and Answer. To Answer is
simply to be happy, for God's Will is for Perfect Happiness. The
time-space cosmos was made as a mechanism to avoid the Perfect
Happiness of the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet in Answering the Call there
can only be happiness. It is my joy to meet with you while I am in
California and explore everything entailed in Answering the Call.

Trust in the Holy Spirit is the key to Awakening. To the extent you
are able to trust HS you will increasingly be aware that you have no
problems. The ego was a limit placed on unlimited comunication, and
as you are willing to communicate you will attract communication to
you. There are two friends, Deb and Paul, who are embarking on a
similar Calling in September - traveling with a camper to Wisconsin
and then around to meet ACIM students wherever invited. A simple
life of listening and trusting and following will transfer the
lesson of forgiveness to encompass your entire perception. Healed
perception is integrated perception, and in this not one person,
place, or thing is held apart from the blessing the miracle brings.
Trust would settle every problem now, and a simple life of trust
will yield immediate results in terms of peace of mind.

Salvation is not for sale. Enlightenment is not for sale. Those
who would truly Give offer freely what has been received from the
Holy Spirit. Rituals fall away as the mind yields to Divine
Spontaneity. The desire to "get" dissolves in True Giving. Travel
can be a symbol for the willingness to share and the willingness to
Flow and accept and to not expect. What shows up is perfect in that
it is orchestrated and provided by One Who Knows your best interests
in every seeming situation. Everything is for one's best interests
in healed perception. To surrender is to yield the personal
perspective in favor of the Flow.

If you would trust do not attempt to activate the past, organize the
present, or plan the future. If there are plans to be made you will
be told of them by our Inner Wisdom and they will be for the benefit
of everyone. The miracle meets every perceived need in one gentle
perspective, and leaves a blessing for all.

I am with you all the way, and we cannot fail in a Plan destined to
Awaken all in Oneness and Love. Take my hand and we shall skip
along singing and rejoicing as we go. For we but seem to travel in
happy dreams of forgiveness, all the while safe at Home in God.

Leave the structure of the ego's world with Me and enter into
another world of happy, peaceful perception. There is no loss in
this exchange, for dreams of pain are over now. Leave the world of
giving to get, of paying to partake, of repeating past mistakes.
Come join me in the real world, a world inspired by joy that knows
not of a fear of consequences. You have a Great Gift to share, for
you are Divine Love Itself. Nothing can hold you back from your
appointed function, for God goes with Us All Now.

One Moment of Trust can change the entire outlook. Come and See.

Blessings of Love Forever and Ever,


PS: The second web site listed below will help take you into the
furthest depths of the mind.

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