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Monday, April 27, 2009

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Ellie Kennedy
April 18 at 11:04pm
Hi LOVE!!!!,I lvoe you! Here is our video short from Mexico- AMAZING!!!!!!!I've been reading about your latest 'developments' - PLEASE keep in contact and let us know if you need anything, do you know where you are going to move to yet?The HS SO has you in his loving arms, there isn't anything you can do that doesn't come from his loving Stamp of approval, (sometimes feels like a foot stamp to the head!?!) You are so guided, as we are, it really is miraculous, wow! I am so grateful beyond words!love ellieby the way,,,, TONS of ACIM in Mexico! WOW! We had 240 for one day!anyway, LOts of light to you and all you speak to- we love you!
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David Hoffmeister
April 19 at 11:21am
Hi Ellie! Great news about Mexico. I want to go there someday, and it sounds like the invitation/Call is strong.I just returned from Hawaii (Kalani center) and Australia, and I am off to New Hampshire in a few weeks. This Summer I have a Europe tour through Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, and London, England. Hope to see you and Cam in either early or late Summer when I am in the USA.Showers of Love!!!!!!!!!!!!David

Ellie Kennedy
April 22 at 8:37pm
Hi,, yes we should be here in the early or late summer! Sounds like you are not in the US much anyway! Well, did you guys go ahead with being a church, or was it just too much a pain in the ego? hahaha! Whatever you guys decide/remember what you did, you have so much light! Isn't it just amazing, never having to 'decide' for ourselves? Pure Grace!We have a new contact inviting us to Sweden, I don't know when yet- we met her in Argentina, but she is going back to Sweden in May. She's on facebook now, I will try to send you a 'friend request" or "suggested friend". She went through this amazing transformation during the 12 days we were all together in Buenes Aires! Anyway, I am glad we are going to be going to Sweden, I will let you know when it will be!I knew about New Hampshire, for a number of reasons we can't come, but I really do want to do something with you and/or Regina and /or David Fishman! I think the HS has something brewing for us all!! :):)We are leaving for Europe May 19 for two weeks. The guys at our center in Wusterwitz are having a HUGE gathering (ACIM European Summer Festival,) with five countries, five days, and each day will be a different country. (including food and entertainment from that country too.) It is the Last Weekend in May. When will you leave for Europe, and do you have the tickets yet? We found tickets really cheaply through Air France, chicago to Spain, and then coming home from Germany to Chicago for $506.00 Cam and I will be teaching in Valencia Spain the weekend before, and then be in Germany for the ACIM Summer Festival. I will try to send you the information- there is a facebook page for it.Great to hear from you, there is So much Light, I can just feel Everything happening all at once, Thank you!!love Ellieand a big hug!Hi to Jenny, is she still in the country? and to lisa, and everyone!

David Hoffmeister
April 23 at 1:07pm
Hi Ellie!Yes, we formed a legal church called Living Church Ministries based in northern KY, and the website is We have 7 of us using the symbol of ordained minister, and it feels like the church symbol will be used more directly in a few years and for years to come.Please let me know about your new contact in Sweden. Happy to hear about her transformation in BA. I will be in Sweden in July up until the 16th of July, so if you and Cam or she is available it will be fun to come together again.We'll keep open to sharing something together with you two and David Fishman and Regina. I am here in Cincinnati in late May and already have the tickets bought for June 10 and my trip to England & Ireland, so have a great time in Wusterwitz and give everyone a big hug for me.Jenny & Lisa are in Sweden right now, and will be returning soon,Love ya!David

Ellie Kennedy
April 24 at 12:07pm
Hi! Cam is here saying how much he loves you guys!Well, we will probably be waving to each other coming and going from Europe, For Sure we will see each other in the Quantum Spheres!Wow, what "times" these are! Just as Ellie

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