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Monday, April 27, 2009

Messages on Facebook -David Hoffmeister

Frank Barker
March 31 at 4:44am
Thanks David,If you want to see images of the farm at Kangaroo Valley, check under my photos: Our Farm - Minimbah.Boundless Bliss!Frank

David Hoffmeister
April 1 at 1:57pm
Thanks Frank! Your farm looks very inviting and welcoming, and you have a lovely family. I will share these with Helena and my friends in the USA & Europe that may come to a retreat in Kangaroo Valley in 2010.Miracles abound!Helena leaves for Hawaii today, and I leave tomorrow. We have even spoken about coming back Down Under in August for a shorter visit in the interim, and if we make it to Sydney we may take a drive down to have a look then. I leave it all to Holy Spirit. :)We are smiling from ear to ear with all this Love!Forever,David

Frank Barker
April 1 at 2:52pm
Hi David,Interesting that we are both up in the early hours.I awoke at 3 am and felt a strong inspiration to write about Oneness. I found a beautiful quote by guru Nanak ... "If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all."Yes, the farm at Kangaroo Valley is beautiful and has many 'attachment temptations'. It provides a nice back drop for inspiration, yet I am gradually realising that all I need and want is God !It would be great to see you back as early as August. I would be honoured to accommodate you and the team, as long as you don't mind a very cosy and comfortable caravan next to our house? I could also help arrange some transport. Just say when.I cannot see any reason why we could not even run a couple of workshops as soon as then. Sue & Greg from Tilba, as well as Tim and Chrystabel from Bowral (who went to Noosa in '08), and I, have been collaborating on the right formula for workshops and what people want. One of the many options, that came up in discussion, was a more intensive, deeper level, workshop for students ready to go to another level.I feel my life has just begun. As I recently said ... I must really Love myself if I managed to dream up a group of people as beautiful as all of you. We are One.David, Thank you. THANK YOU so much.Love always,FrankWB L232: Be in my mind, my father, through the day. (Let every minute be a time in which I dwell with You.)

David Hoffmeister
April 2 at 3:06pm
Hi Frank,I am up in the wee hours of the morning again, checking messages before my 8am departure for the Brisbane International airport.How beautiful the idea: "all I need and want is God!"That is such a lovely group of people you are working with, and I am ever open to a more intensive, deeper level, workshop for students ready to go to another level. I have lots to share with the team when I return to the US mainland later this month.In overflowing gratitude & joy,David

Frank Barker
April 2 at 5:52pm
Thanks David,Have a great time in Hawaii and looking forward to chatting soon.Endless Peace.FrankWB L233: I give my life to God to guide today

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