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Monday, April 27, 2009

Messages on Facebook -David Hoffmeister

Christian Christensen

February 26 at 7:46am
Hey David

I had made a small error in our travel plans. Unfortunately we will not be back in Australia until the 19th march where we arrive in Brisbane and 6.45 in the morning. We have no plans the next two days from there and we would suggest that you came to our place on the 19th and we could drive you up to Noosa when you are ready.
This is of course only a suggestion and if it doesn’t match your plans we will just see you and Helena in Denmark on June 16. At Anne-Marie's place.

Have a peaceful journey my friend...

from Christian and Cecilie
David Hoffmeister

March 13 at 4:28am
Hi Christian and Cecilie,

Helena and I will be in the Gold Coast at our friends Raj and Suz, though we may be back up in Brisbane right after Noosa before Helena leaves for Hawaii on April 2nd and I leave for Hawaii on April 3rd.

Let me know if you are free for tea after the 29th and before we leave, as we will be in the south Brisbane area with our friends Mike and Tia at their house.

I will also have my Skype phone with me, and can be reached then on it.

E-mail me at if these dates will work for you both for tea.


David Christian Christensen

March 13 at 6:16am
Hi David

That will be fine, just give me a call when you are ready. We will be in Brisbane from mid next week and stay there for 6 weeks before we go back to Europe.

Be the spirit my friend.


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