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Monday, April 27, 2009

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Ellie Kennedy

February 5 at 7:50pm
I love you.

Just a quick update, Heard from all the guys in Spain- WOW!! What LIGHT!! Thank you for being there with those guys- I love them so much, and it's Great to have such a powerfully strong light come their way!!

We are leaving for Colombia and ARGENTINA (first time!!!) in about two weeks- hope we can talk before that, and/or I will send you a flyer if you want to send it on to anyOne anyWhere you think there is a strong call...
This is our first time to Argentina, however, Darla and Alden just got back from an incredible three weeks there, came home with a Lot of Light! :)
Nice to hear about Lisa and beautiful Jenny on the road to Karen's. We have been invited to Toronto to show A Course in Miracles Unleashed.

Also, we are writing another musical, to be performed at Easter and beyond- similar to Which Way is Heaven, but with more Quantum ideas, similar to What the Bleep do we know? But with live singers/dancing/acting, parables and ACIM. We got together today, it's going to be Very Funny!

Hope you had a great trip home, let's talk before we go out again,
love Ellie and Cam and Emily xoxoxox

Have a great day!

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February 9 at 8:06am
Hi Ellie!

Great news! Happy travels for both of you!

I am in Berlin, Germany, finishing a tour of gatherings that has lasted over 2 weeks.

Kirsten is flying to Ireland next week to apply for a B-2 visa, a tourist visa that is good for up to 6 months in the USA. So if she gets it we all may come together in OH/KY for 6 months in April through September and do some traveling the other months.

So we are seeing what will unfold, and at this point it may take awhile before a base in Europe or the South Pacific emerges.

I return to the USA tomorrow, so we can talk later in the week. Just give me a call when you have a chance, and soon I'll be back in range.

Hugs and showers of Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Ellie Kennedy

February 25 at 12:21am
Just was at Crepes and Waffles today in Bogota and was remembering when we were all there,
There was so much light that I just remember the walls disappearing and all of us were just together in a stream of total light. What a time!! (Out of time, :)
I am also going to be calling Alberto Mendoza to meet up with him. We are here for another week, and then to Argentina!!!!
We love you, and think of you often, in love and gratitude,
Have a great day!

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February 25 at 12:34pm
Great Memories far beyond time!!!

Big hugs to you and Cam, and one for Alberto and friends in Argentina too!

I am off for travels for a month and a half as well.

Showers of Love,


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