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Monday, April 27, 2009

Messages on Facebook -David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister
March 23 at 5:53pm
Hi Ellie & Cam,I am in the middle of an 8 day Noosa retreat in Australia. Thanks for the super video. Sooooooooo much Love.Today we are having a day of Silence. Such Joy!Hope to see you again this Summer. Regina and I are at a Miracles Camp in early May in New Hampshire. It ould be wonderful if you and Cam could come, if you are not commited to another event or task then.Showers of Love,David

Ellie Kennedy
March 24 at 12:56am
Dude ....Noosa ,gold coast,toowoomba are all my old hangouts!!!!!Your freaking me out!In may well be in Europe but would love to do something with you and Regina sometime!Yes! Off to Mexico now.... Will write from the road.Love Cam and Ellie

Ellie Kennedy
March 24 at 12:18pm
Hi David,that was Cam writing, obviously! Your updates are really bringing up a lot of memories for him!!Yes, I hope we can meet up with you and Regina sometime! I think we will be in europe in May though. Please ask again!!!! We love you, and Bogota and Argentina are Incredible!! :)

David Fishman
April 4 at 10:36am
THANK YOU ELLIE, CAM & DAVID....AND ALL...ONEderful Sharing of LIGHT and LOVE ....Thank You for Including me in your JOY and JOURNEY!In Appreciation * GratitudeLOV,dov, :-) http//

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