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Monday, April 27, 2009

Messages on Facebook -David Hoffmeister

Hi David,My name is Christian I live in Belgium and am 55 years old.I have been searching for the truth for approx. 25 years following the reading of the" Life and teaching of the masters of the far east" by Baird J. Spalding. A few years back I purchased the course in miracles and have been trying to put it into practice. I have not reached the desired result yet; I feel it would help if I could get into contact with a person more experienced in the matter.Have you got plans to visit Belgium or can you recommend a person or group I could contact in Belgium?

Hi Christian,I am in Australia on tour now. I am coming to Brussels in June. I have a friend named brigitte hansoul who you can find on Facebook. She and a group of ACIM students meet in Brussels. Her e-mail address is:Brigitte Hansoul You can see all my Summer gatherings in Europe on the Coming Events link of our main website at: http://awakening-mind.orgMy friend Helena and I will be visiting Brigitte and her group, and I have many friends in Belgium from ny previous gatherings there in years past.Love Forever,David

Dear David,Thank you for responding to the message of a stranger, I will try to get in contact with Brigitte.Would you also have contacts around Antwerp or Lier, my health is not so good and travelling is slowly getting problematic. I really need to learn how to put all this into practice and start by healing myself before I can start helping other people find and understand there true heritage. It must be so enlightening to be able to help people achieve there own divine state.Hope you have a pleasant visit in Australia.I thrust we will meet one day.Please accept my love,Christian

Thanks Christian.I have no contacts around Antwerp or Lier. I will hold you in my prayers, and know that whatever is most Helpful for you will appear.You are soooooooo Loved.Forever,David

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