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Monday, April 27, 2009

Messages on Facebook -David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister
February 23 at 11:17pm
Hi Julia,On our main website there is the Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenement. Just click the link on the left menu to movie guide at http://awakening-mind.orgTe amo mucho,David
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Julia Rodriguez
March 6 at 8:26am
thank you David, ur help is a blessing!mucho amorJulia

Julia Rodriguez
March 18 at 6:39am
Hello DAvid and welcome to downunder!Id like to propose you something, is it any possibility for you to visit us in the Whitsundays one you finish in Queensland?we are just a tiny group of 4 people who are doing the course by ourowns and having a session last night, someone pop up the ida of inviting you in here as Noosa is the closer point for us but it is quite far, about 12 hours driving, we wil provide you accomodation , flights and our heart!what do you think? :) would be an honour for us , as we are the isolated in here, lolps. there are two airports, Proserpine which is the closest town (around 20 min by car) or Hamilton Island airport (beautiful island 30 min to town by ferry).enjoy your time in the Gold Coast, mucha paz!Julia and the forgotten people ;)

David Hoffmeister
March 19 at 3:00am
Hi Julia!Thanks for the warm welcome. :) Helena and I finish up our Noosa retreat and will head down to Brisbane around midday on Sat. March 28th, arriving in mid-afternoon. We would love to fly up from Brisbane to Hamilton Island if there is a late afternoon or early evening flight, and take the ferry over to the Whitsundays to meet with your group. We could have a gathering in the evening Sat. or on Sunday, and fly back to Brisbane on Sun. night or Monday morning/afternoon.Check with your group and let me know Julia, and we will see what Holy Spirit can work out. Whichever is least expensive (Proserpine or Hamilton Island airport) will work for us.I will have good Internet and email access through tomorrow and Sat. early morning before leaving for Noosa, so I will check my mail on Facebook. You can also send an e-mail to: Te amo Mucho y Paz!David

David Hoffmeister
March 20 at 2:49pm
Hi again Julia,I sent a message on our Awakening Mind Pacific Yahoo group, asking if anyone wants to join in sponsoring a visit to you and your group. Here is the link to the group: will see if anyone responds, and if so let you know.I am traveling to Noosa this morning.Love & Blessings & Gratitude,David
awakening-mind-pacific : Awakening Mind Pacific

awakening-mind-pacific: Awakening Mind Pacific

Julia Rodriguez
March 21 at 4:43am
Sorry for the delayIm just been thinking what is the best option for us to do,I would like first to talk about the planning of your and Helena visi to the otherst and we will work something out, i will let you know as soon as possible,i hope there wontl be much trouble providing your flights and accomodation as you know we are just 4 people joining.i will write to you asapthanks for your help

Julia Rodriguez
March 24 at 8:10am
Hello David, after meeting the group we talked about the great opportunity to have you here so we will be happy to have you with us!however we would like you to consider the following things-the accomodation will be with myself and my husband at our unit, there is a private room with a double bed for you and your partner-each member will contribute somethng towards your visit, in my case, accomodation, in other cases they will cover the cost of your flights (we hope this is acceptable)-venues and some costs for food will also be our pleasure to pay for-transport from/to the airport will be taken care of for youif these things are to your liking, then we hope you will confirm your visit shortly.there is a lot of excitement about your visit, unfortunatly we were unable to secure further resources from yahoo but in the nature of the holy spirit, we truly hope you will leave the whitsundays with the same feeling that we anticipated by been raised with your presence among uswe look forward to your replay so we can plan the weekend and take care of the neccesary practical matters for your visitlots of loveJulia

David Hoffmeister
March 28 at 8:01am
Hi Julia,Thanks for your kind invitation. Helena and I just arrived in Brisbane late today and I have had my first Internet access to facebook this week. I was unaware of what you and your group have offered until right now, since I had no Internet access. The weekend is half over and the week in Noosa was full on, so I will pray about what is possible now. It is after 10pm on Sat. night.In Love & Gratitude,David

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