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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming to Florida in October, 2010

Rebecca Wachowski September 1 at 7:12pm
Hi David,

Thank you for the invite. I have been following Marianne for the last 17 years. She was even the minister at my church for awhile in Michigan. I have read ACIM at different times but can find it very overwhelming! However, I know I have learned a lot from it because of Marianne. She will be here in Tampa this November and I am hoping to see her.

When I was reading your message I clicked on accept, I was not sure if I had finished reading what you had wrote but it was gone. Anyway sorry if I did not answer any of your questions.

I plan on checking out the website you have listed on your wall.

Take care

David Hoffmeister September 2 at 1:37pm
Happy to meet you. Hope you enjoy the website. I am coming to Tampa, St. Pete area for a weekend worksop in mid-October. and my friend Donna Moldovan is helping arrange it. Eventually it will be posted on our Coming Events page at: and our global mailing list.



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