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Monday, September 21, 2009

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It's great to meet you! You are a bit of a celebrity in my ACIM circle, and my good friend Faith Gordon recently suggested that I follow you on You Tube. When you friended me on FB, I was a bit, well, joyful I guess because of how I had come to know you...

Anyway, my journey to and through ACIM has been a fun one.

When I was 22 a friend and I were surfing the internet, looking at websites of psychics. I couldn't afford a reading, so I sent one of them an email that I liked their site. She wrote me back and said, 'I see you joining a study group, is it A Course in Miracles?' Because I believed that all psychics were 100% accurate, I researched the Course and found a group near me. I visited about 3 times, and the material went way over my head. Then I thought the psychic was just wrong about which study group, so I joined a Bible Study... and that didn't warm to me either.

I put the idea out of my head, and the next time I ran into the Course, I was in therapy. My therapist introduced me to Marianne Williamson and Jampolsky, although she never had me go directly to the Course. As I studied those two authors, I kept wanting to buy the blue book. Oddly, every time I had the money, the book was out of stock. Every time the book was in stock, I had no money. I finally asked for it as a Christmas gift, and that solved the problem of bringing it to my life. I still didn't understand a word it said, so it went on the shelf.

7 years later, I entered a crisis. A series of events happened which resulted in a friend saying some of the meanest words to me that I had ever heard. Over the next few days I wondered what to say back to him. Finally, after struggling with my response, I decided to meditate for the first time ever. I wrote down what I wanted to say, but it still wasn't making sense, so I hoped the meditation would put the words together for me. At the end of the meditation,I still didn't have an answer and thought it was the biggest waste of 10 minutes I had ever spent. I got out of my chair, turned to pick something off the floor, and the words 'forgive him' entered my head loud and clear. Within minutes I rushed to a box of books that were sitting on the floor in another room. When I opened it, the Course was sitting on top. I opened the book and I suddenly understood every single word as clear as day.

Over the next two weeks I started taking long nature walks. I had dug out some tapes I had of Marianne Williamson and listened to those during the walks. One day, I stopped in the middle of the trail and said, 'I wish I could hear a different message like this every single week.' In three days, an acquaintance called and invited me to lunch. I found out she was also a Course student, and she told me about a group that met in the area as well as a Unity church nearby.

Since then, I've been studying the Course every Wednesday night with an amazing group of people.

Sorry for the long dialogue. Thank you for all you do!



Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing this. It is a wonderful example of how the Holy Spirit works gently, and when the mind is ready the witnesses appear. I am happy to be your new FB friend, and I think you will enjoy the online You Tube videos very much - and they will be very Helpful for you.

The link is:

Forever in Love,



Hi David,

I have been in touch with Lisa and it looks like I'll be coming to Utah in mid-October as a volunteer to help close up the Monastery for the winter. If things feel good all around then there's a chance I may come to Cincinnati afterward. I'm very excited for the chance to be a part of this purpose. I remember you fondly from the Kalani retreat in Hawaii and hope that our paths cross again someday!

Lots of love,

Jason Press


Hi Jason,

I am so happy to hear that you may come on to Cincinnati after the monastery is closed up for the Winter. I will be gone to Europe for world travels, but your Presence and Devotion to our shared Purpose is greatly appreciated. If there is room at the Lighthouse it may work out great.

You are deeply Loved.

In Joy & Happiness,



dear David,

i thank you for your friend invite . you asked me about miracles . well i can't speak of any profound miracles as yet

what i can tell you is a miracle of changing a man's heart . mine

for this year i have and am truly finding God . i know that God is to each their own . i am not here to preach, give lectures, or even teach

i simply found God . and my heart has changed . and the miracle is the change

i have and continue to be more peaceful . more compassionate . more loving to my neighbors, friends, family

why is this a miracle? because of the huge ego i never realized i had . for to change a man like me is in my mind . a miracle
: )

peace and blessings,



Thanks Timothy for the heart felt sharing. I am honored to have you as a Facebook friend.




dear david!

thank you for posting the voyager-episode on myspace!
i enjoyed it very much ;)

my fear started vanishing years ago....what a beautiful ride that is!

thank you for your work in the world!

namasté to you, klara


Blessings Klara!


Hi David. I just ordered the book from amazon, it will arrive in 2 weeks. I will send you a note when I finish reading it and maybe (if i need) you can help me getting started on some some work or practice from it. And we are now friend on facebook. With love and peace.

Víðir Þór Þrastarson


Wonderful! Happy reading my new FB friend.



Hi !

Thank You for adding me as a friend :)

A very wise and good friend (Christina Afentoulis) suggested face book. She said I need more friends. When a goddess speaks to me I try to listen so…………. I thought I would give it a try.

I love to meet people, I value connection.
I enjoy travel, the more exotic the better.
I love to dine, maybe too much……. That’s why I
Go to the gym and work out.
Outdoor activates are almost always good…..especially swimming with dolphins.
Trade stocks (when I am not loosing).
David Deida’s work………not too much is better than this.
For work I help people resolve personal problems and relationship issues. Also I provide advanced coaching for other facilitators and healers.
Anything to do with personal growth…………this is my all time favorite topic and personal pursuit.

MOSTLY WHAT I LOVE TO DO IS SOCIAL NETWORKING. It is always fun for me to see what synchronistic events will unfold in the mystery of life.

I look forward to discussions on any topic so if you have any questions, comments or shares, please don't hesitate to contact me.



Hi Nick,

Wow, any advice from a goddess definitely shoul BE followed. :) I will send a friend request to her as well after your note.

I also enjoy travel and social networking, and have thousands of dear friends around the world. My friend Melissa told me about David's work, and I have found spiritual relationships very rewarding in my experience.

Happy to be FB friends.



Hello David,

I have studies ACIM and I still do. It is wonderful. The application can sometimes be difficult for me since I need to remember that you are my salvation. Really hard to remember at work. I keep trying.




Hi Susan,

Thanks for being a FB friend and sharing that you use ACIM. Hope some of my ACIM videos (below) can help make it a little easier.




Hi David,
Yes, I am a C in Miracles student and love it....... Carolina and I are dear friends here in Spain, she has talked very highly of you.
Your Mallorca workshop sounds interesting. Its beautiful there.
I am off to Vancouver soon and will be doing a seminar with Gary Renard, I am really looking forward to that. Maybe we will meet sometime.
Blessings on all you do, are and touch others with.



Hi Alice,

Thanks for writing. Carolina is a sweetie! Mallorca will be a deep and fun month. I have 3 retreats/conferences with Gary in 2010, (April and 2 in Oct.) so give him a BIG hug for me.

Thanks for the update Alice. Won't be long until I am in Mallorca & Matero, Spain.

Love & Hugs,



I said Hi to Gary Renard for you here in Vancouver. I love the energy of Cindy his wife, too. I have been listening to quite a few of your broadcasts from your web site, I downloaded them into my i pod and I have really enjoyed them, thanks for putting all of them up. Thats a lot of broadcasts to download! You are very generous. I am feeling such inspiration from the Holy Spirit!!!!


My pleasure to be friends...

i hope you will interested in my tool for self improvement and how to apply the course in miracles to every individual in the world ! a very simply vision board format...the first quantum vision board ever creatable in one click !..i need a team to help .

my mission to awaken the life coach in everyone to be of beneficial servise to others...on the path way to peace love and happiness the foundation for health wealth and abundance..

Blessings in gratitiude



hi david,
thanks to modern technology acim students can find each other on facebook. great really. well i would have to say i have never met anyone who has been doing the course for 23 years. impressive. i myself have almost completed my first time around. its an amazing expierience. the learning just doesn't stop. i find alot of it is remembering to forgive. glad you have got in contact with me.

i myself am from australia but living in wales at the moment with my wife and daughter. planning on returning to oz permanently next year. i have alot of questions which you may or may not be able to answer. hoping you can at least shed some light on a few things. ofcourse that s only if you are not to busy, and if you are thats fine,no problem, i'm sure the answers will come eventually.

anyhow, i wont keep you any longer. peace and love to you.



Thanks David. I will be in Oz Jan/Feb/March and part of April. Some of my gatherings are listed on

I leave for travels next week, and for Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden) in early Nov. I am busy, though i hope we can meet someday. My Yahoo group Awakeninginchrist has many archived q & a since 2001, and the free online videos are great at:

Love & Gratitude,



Thank you for your sweet invitation! I used to listen to you on Blogtalk radio at night. I would love to be part of your circle of friends. I need to get back to the course. This is a very challenging time.




A friend of mine (Chip Cooper in San Rafael, CA) saw you when you spoke in Marin. He was telling me about the two rules you have at your place in Cincinnati. #1-no people pleasing, #2-no private thoughts. I am absolutely fascinated by these concepts and how they are playing out in waking life. I tried looking for more info. via the web and your website... to no avail... I REALLY would love to learn more!!


Hi Lauren,

Great! Visit:

Our 2 guidelines are listed as numbers 7 & 8 in our instructions from the Holy Spiit on that page.




Hi David,

Awesome, a fellow adventurer! And enlightened soul, to inspire and light up the world for others too :o) :o) :o)
I've just.. returned to Australia.. from my latest amazing adventure... set for a new one here in Australia until March next year.
Thanks for your feedback on my blog :o)
I'll check out your videos this week, now I am back and settled.

Love & Blessings,

Katie :o)


David I will love to be friends. I mostly have worked with the law of attraction. I also am learning a lot from Bashar and he teaches the same thing, I can understand him a little better sometimes. Thank you.

Susan Anderson


Hi there!

I'd be delighted to be your friend - thank you. I've picked up ACIM several times, listened many times to Marianne Williamson's tapes, read "The Disappearance of the Universe. and several other books - yet I am not at all drawn to studying further - although I've been invited to join several stuy groups. Thanks for the offer - FRIEND!!!!



Hey, David...
I met Susana Ortiz from Málaga, last month.
We talked about you.
And became friends.
That was in Granada, the neighhbor-province of Málaga...
Are you planning on coming to Germany, sometime again?

I remember Geneva in July 07 where you and I met...
And two weeks ago we did a Germany tour with Gary, great experience, that! :-)
Big hug for you, you Son of God, brother unarmed, haha... Armin


Hi Armin,

Ahhh Susana is so sweet. Hope to see her in Nov/Dec.

Happy to be FB friends. I have a couple FB A Course In Miracles groups and an Awakeninginchrist Yahoo group I use to announce my travel & gatherings schedule. I will be in France, Spain, & Belgium, but not Germany this time. My schedule is at: Hope to visit Germany again sometime.



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