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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Susan Stackpole September 2 at 3:51am

Thank You for reaching out. Sending blessings to You!

I'm rather new to ACIM. I bought the book early this year and am slowly making my way through... and when I say slowly, I mean that I'm only at about Chapter 6.

I found especially the work on detaching meaning from everything has been very helpful. Sometimes I will find myself getting worked up about something and remember that it's only because of the meaning I have attached to it. It creates an automatic shift back to a place of peace and honoring Source and Higher Self.

It sounds as though you have a tremendous amount of experience with ACIM. What has been your most profound shift as a result of studying ACIM?

Looking forward to connecting and supporting you in your journey.


David Hoffmeister September 2 at 12:53pm
Hi Susan,

Thanks for connecting. Yes, ACIM is a book to be digested and pondered and applied slowly for most everyone. I worked with it so deeply, and it Helped me go inward and experience consistent peace. My most profound shift has been the deep trust I feel now with everyone, and the constant peace that comes from the trust.

I saw your page and your radio program, and appreciate all the good vibes you are sharing with everyone.

There is an interview that my friends DavidPaul and Candace Doyle did with me on the following website that you may enjoy:

Thanks again for your support on the journey. :)



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