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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Excited about ACIM

Julie Knight September 1 at 7:55pm
It is wonderful to meet someone who is as excited about A Course In Miracles as I am. When I started reading the course several years ago I had a visceral palpable experience of an enlightened master (Jesus?) standing beside me. It was so profound and true that I started crying. The more that I read the text the more I was amazed and blown away by the truths contained in it. This book has completely changed my interior life. Nevertheless, I still struggle with my ego....I have yet to finish the workbook; I got stuck early on Lesson 45. The part where this idea is repeated: "My real thoughts are in my mind. I would like to find them." For some reason this brought up so much fear in me that I quit doing the lesson altogether. I know I will one day start them again but I haven't decided whether I should start all over at the beginning or start where I left off at lesson 45...Hmmm.. Do you have any thoughts or advice on that?
Anyway, it is great to meet you and I think it's awesome that you have traveled the world meeting people..

David Hoffmeister September 2 at 1:33pm
Hi Julie,

Happy to meet you and share in the Joy of the miracles!

I would start right where you left off, on lesson 45.

I share lots of free resources that Help make the lessons more understandable and effective. Here's a good site to start with:

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